In the belief that “two eyes are better than one” we have built a company structure of support and information. Similar to the one we promote and fulfill to all our network of clients, lenders, builders and agents.

The Broker, the Loan Officers, the Processors and Client Relations work with Real Estate agents, builders, and most importantly the borrower; we are all a web of support to one another. Although, every loan officer has their own clients and accounts, each officer is also supported by at least two other assistants. This includes the broker, processors, Marketing and Quality Management, and loan assistants. This system promises that you are getting the best possible care, from the vantage of multiple eyes.

We are not a corporate company which loses sight of what is important- YOU - rather we are a handful of people which promise to work in the strongest fashion imaginable. Through the strength of the workplace and mission of the company, all of our goals are in place to be the foundation of each client’s satisfaction.

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