According to the Oregon Census of 2000, there are over 330 population groups in Oregon. Of these, approximately two-thirds own their own home. In the Portland area alone, approximately 20% of the population speaks another language at home, with English as a second language. The diversity in this state alone calls for attention. (www.census.gov ; ethnicharvest.com)

The US Census bureau also estimates that approximately 11% of Washington State residents are foreign born. It is also estimated in the census that 18% speak another language at home, as their primary language. Statistically speaking, this is a large market share of need. (www.census.gov ; ethnicharvest.com)

Within the handful of Interbank, we have the capability to offer multiple-lingual services in states where close to 1/4th of residents are multi-lingual. We are fluently bilingual in English and the languages of Russian, Romanian, English and soon to be Spanish.

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