Benefit to Builder

Being approved with over fifty lenders nationwide allows Interbank Mortgage Services to supply a program for all potential buyers- making a builder’s job much more successful. In being able to create financial possibilities for buyers we are able to create a pool of possibility for the builder alongside satisfaction for the buyer.

We supply our builder and agents with continuing updates on the status of their clients if chosen. This can be via phone, email or letter.

By connecting with Interbank there is maximization to the value of relations among the buyer and builder. Mortgage services are just that, a service. To prosper in a competitive market, each and every builder must provide the best service possible. Here at Interbank Mortgage Services, we are able to match your company goals in providing for your buyer’s satisfaction.

Just as an unsatisfied customer can remove 10-client’s worth of service from a company, a satisfied customer is the best grassroots marketing a company can do. For each satisfied customer will be sure to share their experience with others, starting a chain of free publicity to the builder.

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